The FiberSecure™ connects tissue more strongly than any suture or staple, and holds durably where they cannot. It stands to become the leading closure device for applications including heretofore difficult or impossible wound closures and plastic surgery techniques.


The OrthoCoupler™ provides the first durable, fully functional re-attachment of a forcefully contracting muscle to prosthetic bone (or to living bone, in the absence of adequate tendon). The connection has proven stronger than the muscle itself.

How FiberSecure and OrthoCoupler Work

Thousands of individual filaments are rapidly surrounded by living cells. This allows tissues to "grip" FiberSecure and OrthoCoupler, giving repair strength strength impossible with any currently marketed suture. This cross-sectional view shows hematoxylin/eosin staining of quadriceps muscle containing 12μm PET fibers at 180 days post-surgery. Arrows indicate individual fibers.

A new paradigm in tissue connection